7 Jul 2012

World Lakes Award

Este es un mensaje para todos los amantes de los diplomas interesantes, no conoces el World Lakes Award (Diploma Lagos del Mundo), es un diploma divertido que consiste en activar/trabajar lagos del mundo.

This is a message to all lovers of diplomas interesting, do not know the Lakes World Award (Diploma Lakes of the World) is a fun diploma is to activate / work lakes in the world.

8 Dec 2011

WL-F049 on the air

F6BAX will be on the air from 17 to 25 decembee from WL-F049, Lake St. Hilaire

Lac de Saint-Hilaire

5 Nov 2011

New activity from France, WLF-039

On  05/11/2011  wil be on the air the new reference  WL-F039  L'Etang de Soucaret.

Good look.

28 Oct 2011

WL-EA039 on the air

Next november 6, EA3EVR/P  will be on the air from the new reference WL-EA039, ENCANYISSADA Lake

Also valid for DLE as DLE-070

9 Sep 2011

News from French Lakes

Saturday 9 september F8DZU/P from WL-F032 Le lac de Guéry

27 Aug 2011


WL-F021    Les étangs de la Molière, on Saturday 27 august by F8DZU.