22 Apr 2011

Activities valids from France

WL-F001 Lac de Rabodanges F5NEP/p 6-11-10
WL-F002 Lac du Bourdon F5IYU/p 12-11-10
WL-F003 Etang de Chassain F5IYU/p 12-11-10
WL-F004 Etang du Lac Vert F5NMK/p 5-11-10
WL-F005 Lac d'Orient F5IYU/p 12-2-11
WL-F006 Marais d'Yves F4DTO F4GFE/p 24-2-11
WL-F007 Lac de Maine F5SSN/p 4-3-11
WL-F008 Lac de Lourdes F5UKL/p 14-3-11
WL-F009 Lac du Val-Joly F4FHM/p 1-4-11

Tnx F5SSN.

20 Apr 2011

New update of the list

I just update the list of lakes, including the french references.

17 Apr 2011

New lake list

I just put a new lake's list with the last additions.

16 Apr 2011


Right now is on the air teh reference WL-EA029 as EA4GAY/P (also DLE-332) PANTANO DE VALDEOBISPO.

1 Apr 2011

New activity from Portugal

CT1CQK will be on the air as CR5CQK from the new reference from Portugal, WL-CT014, Barragem do Val do CobrĂ£o, on 9 April 2011

Tnx Luis per info.

More info about this lake.