8 Nov 2008

New reference in Portugal

From CT1CQK de ASSAFORA lake. Reference WL-CT004.

It will activated by CT1CQK on november 8 with weather permission.

5 Oct 2008

New reference from Belgium

Thanks to ON4BB we have a new reference from Belgium, WL-ON001, Lake Del Mare.

This lake was activated first weekend September 2008, so some one have a new lake already on his records.
The call used was ON6WL/P.

30 Aug 2008

2 new refences from Portugal

2 new references will be activated this weekend by CT1CQK.

WL-CT002 Embalce do Alto do Rabagão

WL-CT003 Embalce de Paradela

Good look!

15 Jul 2008


Tomorrow July 16th, from 14 to 18 UTC, Edgar, CT1CKP, will on the air from the new reference WL-CT001, BARRAGEM MARECHAL CARMONA.

This is the 1st. reference from Portugal. Tnx Edgar.

See at:

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