8 Dec 2011

WL-F049 on the air

F6BAX will be on the air from 17 to 25 decembee from WL-F049, Lake St. Hilaire

Lac de Saint-Hilaire

5 Nov 2011

New activity from France, WLF-039

On  05/11/2011  wil be on the air the new reference  WL-F039  L'Etang de Soucaret.

Good look.

28 Oct 2011

WL-EA039 on the air

Next november 6, EA3EVR/P  will be on the air from the new reference WL-EA039, ENCANYISSADA Lake

Also valid for DLE as DLE-070

27 Aug 2011

6 Aug 2011

WL-F014 on the air

Saturday 6, august WL-F014 Lac de ST Rémy sur Durolle with the call F8DZU/P.

30 Jul 2011

New activity from WL-F013

Saturday 30 July, look for F8DZU/P,  from WL-F013 Lac D'Aubusson D'Auvergne.